Leticia Schlup

Leticia Schlup
Community Manager

Leticia Schlup is Carson Development, Inc.’s Community Manager and is fully accountable for all day to day property operations, overseeing and enhancing the value of the property. Leticia, with over 5 years of experience, supervises entire on-site staff (i.e., Assistant Community Manager/ Bookkeeper, Leasing Coordinator, Leasing Consultant(s), Community Service Supervisor/Assistant Community Service Supervisor, Service Technician(s), Groundskeeper(s), Painter(s), and Maintenance Crews. Other duties include:

  • Demonstrate ability to understand financial goals, operate asset in owners’ best interest in accordance with Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Maintain accurate records of all community transactions and submit on timely basis (i.e., rent rolls, delinquency reports, etc.).
  • Prepare annual budgets and income projections in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Ensure that all rents and late fees/check charges are collected, posted and deposited in a timely manner.
  • Generate necessary legal action, documents and process in accordance with State and Company guidelines.
  • Provide constant vendor/contractor communications concerning scheduling, billing, vendor relations and certificates of insurance.
  • Ensure that A/P invoices are submitted to the corporate office for payment, handle petty cash and all funds.
  • Maintain community appearance and ensure repairs are noted and completed on timely basis. This requires regular community inspections and tours.
  • Assure quality and quantity of market ready commercial spaces.
  • Ensure that models and market ready commercial spaces are walked daily and communicate any service related needs to maintenance.
  • Ensure that all service requests are recorded and communicated appropriately to maintenance.