Allen Schlup

Allen Schlup

Allen Schlup, as the Developer for Carson Development, Inc. orchestrates the entire development process from start to finish. Allen has knowledge of nearly every process, phase and service involved, including site selection, market analysis, finance, construction, leasing, and sales – and also has legal and transactional skills to handle the contracts and liability concerns present in development projects with his Juris Doctorate and is licensed to practice law in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. Allen has the knowledge and ability to execute on nearly all of the development process.

Allen’s duties involve purchasing, building, and often property management of commercial realty properties. Allen has the ability to recognize potential in available land sites for later development, as well as the capacity to secure financing for proposed buildings. Carson Development, Inc. purchases large land tracts, then works toward building and developing those sites into commercial structures such as shopping malls or regional destination sites. Carson Development, Inc. also has involvement with renewal projects, such as the purchase of neglected properties for development into updated shopping centers or by repurposing them into a commercial site.

Allen as the real estate developer acts as intermediary between the businesses who will use the developed sites and the construction companies that build the complexes. Allen may also function as a property manager, performing such work as facility maintenance oversight. Allen has over 5 years of legal experience and over 12 years of experience with development.